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JEEP 2009
Article Number 00017
Number of page(s) 5
Published online 04 December 2009
JEEP 2009, 00017 (2009)
DOI: 10.1051/jeep/200900017

Characterization of Lipid Nanostructures using DSC coupled to SAXS and WAXS

Daniel J. E. Kalnin

YKI - Institute for Surface Chemistry, Box 5607, Stockholm, SE-114 86, Sweden


Published online: 4 December 2009

Lipids are self-assembling molecules responsible for compartment formation in animal cells. Beside bilayer membranes, they also form all kind of aggregates and mesophases thank to their aptitude to modulate interface curvature. The characterization of the internal structure of such systems is complex and requires the use of combined techniques. Up to recently, droplet size, dilution and complexity prevented any direct identification of the crystalline varieties formed by triacylglycerols inside emulsion globules. Crystallization within this submicron droplets can now be conveniently monitored using Synchrotron X-ray diffraction coupled with DSC. Crystal forms and polymorphism can be influenced by different factors and here we focus on influence factors for crystallization kinetics of emulsified lipids.

Key words: Lipid structures -- mesophases and biomaterial studies -- polymorphism -- small angle X-ray scattering -- triacylglycerols -- multiphase systems

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